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R+V Not Alone
R+V Not Alone

‘You Are Not Alone’: New R+V Versicherung Campaign Takes a Stand Against Egoism With New Brand Campaign

Serviceplan Campaign Munich has developed a fresh new market presence for R+V Versicherung featuring a powerful TV spot, print and online media.  

Munich, 17 February 2020 — R+V Versicherung and Serviceplan take a stand against egoism with a new advertising campaign, new corporate design and new logo developed across print, online media and TV. With the new campaign, the insurer of the Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken now emphasizes its basic cooperative values.

With its new market appearance, R+V Versicherung is taking a clear stand against the egoism of today, and demonstrates its committment to the community. The rebrand focuses on the traditional attitude of R+V and underpins the basic cooperative idea that has existed since its foundation almost 100 years ago: "What one mankind cannot do alone, many can do". 

Matthias Harbeck, creative head of the Serviceplan agencies commented: "The special feature of the central idea, which was developed by Serviceplan Campaign in Munich, is that it is not simply a campaign FOR the community - you see that everywhere today - but it’s a campaign AGAINST egoism. It addresses people's fears and worries with bold questions such as ‘Are self-promoters really only in power?’ or ‘Since when is egoism cool?’ And at the same time it offers an approach to a solution. ‘You are not alone’ is a challenge to egoism and a promise of more community."

Norbert Rollinger, Chairman of the Board of R+V Versicherung said: "We don't have to reinvent our brand. Rather, we are now making visible what our roots are. The cooperative guiding principle will be more tangible and concrete than ever before in the new market presence."

Customers today expect a company to have a clear attitude. 75 percent of Germans - especially Millenials - want to know what a brand stands for and what distinguishes its offerings from others (Havas study "Meaningful Brands", March 2019). Companies therefore need a clear, differentiating set of values in order to survive on the market in the future.

R+V Versicherung Sales Director Jens Hasselbächer added: "Strong brands with an attitude attract new customers and bind the existing ones to the company. That is why we have developed a clear, consistent, sharp positioning for R+V. We want to appear more self-confident in the market and further increase our brand awareness".

R+V Versicherung’s core value is summed up in the new claim "You are not alone" and connects all components of the new campaign. It stands for a sense of community, for being there for one another, for responsible interaction with one another.

The insurer is also socially committed, for example with the R+V STIFTUNG, which promotes social projects and initiatives based on the cooperative motto of "helping people to help themselves". And it supports initiatives that strengthen the cooperative idea, such as the "MakerCamp Cooperatives".

The new claim also has the special attraction that it can be read in two different ways. R+V Versicherung Marketing Director Anja Stolz, who intitiated the topic and oversaw the new rand campaign, explains: « On the one hand it can mean: 'We won't leave you alone. We'll take care of you'. But it can also mean: 'You are not alone in the world! Don't park like an idiot. Don't dump trash in the woods. Don't use the car! Think about your fellow man. »

With its warm, emotional colours, the new corporate design also underlines the idea of community. The revised logo with its wider lines is much more self-confident than before. The design was developed by R+V together with the agency Metadesign from Düsseldorf.

Since February 8th R+V is present in the new outfit in print and especially in online media as well as with a new TV spot.



Agency: Serviceplan Campaign Munich
CCO Germany: Matthias Harbeck
General Creative Manager: Sandra Loibl  
Management Supervisor: Monika Klingenfuß
Account Director: Melanie Kokott

Photographer: Jana Edisonga, Berlin
Film Production: OKI films, Munich
content production: Neverest, Munich
Director: Matt Batchelor, New York

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