Serviceplan and DOT win 2 Gold Lions at Cannes

DotMini Cannes 2018
DotMini Cannes 2018

Serviceplan and DOT win 2 Gold Lions at Cannes

At the 65th Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, DOT Mini won a Gold Lion in Health & Wellness Tech, whilst the technical competence & progress behind the DOT Watch, Mini and upcoming Dot products & vision won a Gold in Innovation for technological development.

Seoul, 26 June 2018  DOT Mini is the World’s first smart media device for blind and visually impaired people. Serviceplan Korea and Serviceplan Innovation are incubating DOT brand and Dot Mini’s concept and overall marketing consulting in partnership with the DOT Inc and cloudandco.

Dot CEO, Eric Kim expressed his delight saying: “We are so grateful to have achieved a great milestone once again. Thank you, Serviceplan, for working with us again to generate the best possible synergy. Dot will continue our journey to address those excluded from the ever-changing, innovative world that we are currently living in. We will also continue to work with Serviceplan to be more creatively engaged in the innovative world. Lastly, we would like to express special thanks to the KOICA CTS Team, for supporting the Dot Mini project as well as making the India and Kenya projects happen, and cloudandco, our wonderful partner, who helped us by creating an amazing design to go with the ground breaking product.”

Serviceplan Group Global CCO Alexander Schill commented: “We are thrilled that the latest milestone on the Dot journey has already been awarded 2 Gold Lions at Cannes. Since Serviceplan embarked on this exploration with Dot and the world’s first Braille Smartwatch, they have been pushing the boundaries of technological innovation to give visually impaired people around the world the chance to use life-enhancing technology in their everyday life. And we at Serviceplan have seen the true power of Uber-creativity.”

Julie Kang, CEO of Serviceplan Korea added: “This is a strong proof that Dot’s technological ability has been combined with marketing consulting capability and creativity of Serviceplan. Serviceplan Korea will break stereotypes of advertising service model through a new and innovative approach. We will strengthen ourselves as Brand Incubating Agency that flexibly and integrally consults the areas where the brand is needed.”

Dot Mini is the first device that can access any digital text content on its own. Because the innovative Dot Translation Engine, based on AI / Machine Learning, understands context and translates efficiently to Grade 2 Braille, which is on average 50% shorter.

Dot Mini provides additional audio support, for even faster perception and multisensory applications. All in a device that’s multiple times smaller, more lightweight, less power consuming and cheaper than conventional ones with less functionality.

The Dot Translation Engine can automatically convert any digital text into Grade 2 Braille. The 16 Cell Active Braille Display is built with the innovative (70 patents) Dot Technology, uniquely based on magnetism, which reduces size, weight, power consumption and price by up to ten times.

Dot Mini can access digital text files from online libraries and websites, local and network storage. Full audio support with speaker, headphones and microphone allows multisensory experiences like karaoke and even experiencing movies. Intuitive control elements including directional pad, select, menu and scroll buttons, as well as voice recognition, make interactive applications like text editing, bookmarks and notes, as well as calculation, coding and even games possible.

Various interfaces include; USB, Micro USB, Micro HDMI, SD Card, WiFi and BluetoothDOT Mini is comfortably portable with dimensions of 158 x 108 x 18mm and weighing 256g. DOT Mini is a life-changing device for the visually impaired. 200,000 books are already directly available through partnerships with big content platforms like Rakuten Kobo and Yes24. There are 40,000 units pre-ordered for global launch in late 2018.

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