DeutschlandCard: multi-partner loyalty scheme celebrates its 10th birthday

DeutschlandCard 10 Jahre
DeutschlandCard 10 Jahre

DeutschlandCard: multi-partner loyalty scheme celebrates its 10th birthday

In partnership with hmmh and Plan.Net Content Marketing, Serviceplan One is overseeing the design and implementation of DeutschlandCard’s anniversary campaign. The multi-partner loyalty scheme, whose partners include Edeka, Esso, Netto Marken-Discount and Hammer, will be celebrating its tenth year with integrated campaigns on TV, online and at the POS.

Munich, 26 February 2018 — DeutschlandCard’s slogan has been “Punkte dich glücklich” (“Collect your way to happiness”) since as long ago as 2008. Befitting a tenth birthday celebration, the multi-partner loyalty scheme’s punchy slogan will be “Hätte, hätte… DeutschlandCard” (“Shoulda, woulda, coulda... DeutschlandCard”) throughout 2018. The campaign emphasises the benefits of collecting points, using a creative twist to let customers know that if they don’t collect points, they’ll miss out.

The birthday year will kick off with one of its highlights, a cross-partner promotional campaign with an extensive reach entitled “Hätte, hätte… Wunsch erfüllt” (“Shoulda woulda coulda...wish granted”). The campaign will be built around an integrated range of digital and TV content and offers at the POS. Serviceplan One, hmmh and Plan.Net Content Marketing are responsible for the creation and implementation.

“For ten years now, our participants have been able to collect points with the DeutschlandCard, which they have then used to treat themselves or do something they’ve always wanted,” explains Dirk Kemmerer, Managing Director of DeutschlandCard. “So, for our anniversary year, we want to say ‘thank you’ with some very special offers. We will also be increasing awareness of our product at the same time with the far-reaching “Hätte, hätte... Wunsch erfüllt” campaign and increasing the emotional pull of the DeutschlandCard brand. The targeted integration of digital and mobile channels also allows us to tap into a younger audience in a focussed way, while also boosting the conversion rate.”

The brand is being promoted digitally with various snippets on a display and banner campaign as well as on social media. A 15-second TV ad will attract extra attention and guarantee high visibility for the campaign. It will be broadcast from 5 March in formats that will appeal to the target audience on the following channels: RTL, SuperRTL, RTL NITRO and VOX. A total of three online ads are being launched, the first of which is already live. The videos are also available to watch on the campaign page

“With the help of our main character, we demonstrate that there’s really no reason not to collect points with the DeutschlandCard,” explains Sandro Götz, Managing Director of Serviceplan One, “As with so many things in life – you just have to do it, or you’ll regret it later. With ‘Hätte, hätte...’, we’re employing a classic phrase that everyone probably knows and that conveys the campaign message clearly and directly.”

To film the videos, Serviceplan One secured the services of the Dutch director Steffen Haars, whose work includes the well-known TV series “New Kids” and who is known for his absurdist comedy. The videos were produced by mypony using the music of Sizzer Amsterdam, who composed original songs in a 1980s style.

How the “Hätte, hätte… Wunsch erfüllt” campaign will work

From 5 to 25 March 2018, around 50 million lottery tickets will be given out to DeutschlandCard holders. Every participant who uses their card at partners such as Edeka, Marktkauf, Esso, Netto Marken-Discount or Hammer during the promotional period will receive a lottery ticket containing an attractive voucher for their next shopping trip and a lucky code.

During the promotional period, they will also receive a lucky code for purchases from more than 400 participating online shops, including OTTO, Bonprix or Zalando. The codes can be entered on the campaign website or via the DeutschlandCard app. Users will then discover straight away whether they have won one of the 100,000 instant prizes, such as extra points, received another voucher, or gained the chance to enter a draw to win a range of exciting prizes. The prizes up for grabs include an Audi A1, ten free shopping trips in one year at Edeka, five free shopping trips in one year at Netto Marken-Discount, three free tanks of petrol in one year from Esso, a trip to Dubai from sonnenklar. TV, a Swarovski box spring bed from Hammer and ten Samsung Galaxy S8 handsets. Every participant can choose what their personal favourite prize would be and then just enter for that prize draw.

There will be more “Hätte, hätte… DeutschlandCard” offers between now and the end of 2018.

About DeutschlandCard GmbH

DeutschlandCard GmbH operates a cross-industry, multi-partner loyalty scheme. More than 20 million customers use the scheme to collect points in various areas of life from participating businesses owned by partner companies. These partners include EDEKA and Marktkauf, Esso, Netto Marken-Discount, Hammer, sonnenklar.TV, Vergölst tyre and car service, Gothaer insurance, MediKur, The Hertz Corporation, L’TUR, Bauunion 1905, innogy, participating pharmacies and more than 400 online shops. Customers can then redeem their points for rewards, use them to pay for their shopping at the checkout at participating partners or donate them to charitable organisations in Germany. At its headquarters in Munich, DeutschlandCard employs around 100 staff.

On average, participants use DeutschlandCard six times a month. The variety of partners and their nationwide presence ensures that DeutschlandCard maintains close regional proximity to participants and is highly relevant to their daily lives. This scheme also generates customer insights across a range of channels and industries, enabling partner companies to gain a thorough understanding of their customers. DeutschlandCard allows companies to support their customers consistently across all channels and provide them with offers and information that are individually tailored to their needs at any time – for example, via the DeutschlandCard app, traditional direct e-mails, newsletters or the DeutschlandCard website. With this customer insight, companies are able to attract new customers effectively, retain and develop existing customers and conduct optimised multi-channel marketing.

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