Plan.Net develop the first AI fitness coach

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Plan.Net develop the first AI fitness coach

Plan.Net has developed the fitness app Butterfly Coach for BF Coach GmbH & Co. KG. The app is setting new standards in personalisation. Together with the complete development of the product, Plan.Net is also responsible for the conception of the Butterfly Coach brand and all communication initiatives for the product launch.

Munich, 16 April 2019 — The new fitness app Butterfly Coach (iOS/Android) is available from today from the App Store or the Google Play Store. The Plan.Net campaign succeeded in winning the account with their pitch, beating seven other agencies. Since then, they have been working on the concept for the product, the brand and their communication strategy for launching it for the fitness market. They have maintained a constant focus on the goal of creating an application that sets new standards within the fitness market and personalistion, to ensure that it will stand out from the mass of fitness apps.

Butterfly Coach is able to achieve this by taking a new approach: instead of selling customers a ready-made 12-week programme, the app provides the user with a virtual personal trainer. This trainer is available to the user 24/7 in the form of a chatbot, providing him or her with lots of new ideas and tips for living an active, healthy and enjoyable lifestyle. This 'AI trainer', which is based on the expertise of personal trainer Philipp Voß, ascertains the user's training objectives and is capable of learning. In doing so, it draws upon the data provided by the respective user and the rest of the community in order to regularly suggest fitness exercises, relaxation training methods and nutritional tips, tailored to the individual user. What's more, interactive elements provide a playful training experience that keeps the user motivated over the long term. The user can collect 'experience points' and 'trophies' by successfully completing training units and weekly tasks, allowing them to rise up through the levels by gathering points, in a similar way to a video game.

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Established design diktats that tend to govern defined corporate design colours and the like were thrown overboard when it came to the look of this app. Its loud, colourful and striking appearance and the UX design do away with existing norms and trends, thus setting it properly apart from the competition. The launch campaign has taken place almost exclusively on social media and in collaboration with influencers. The target group is men and women who are already keen on fitness and always on the lookout for ways to optimise their lives in relation to health and wellbeing.


"Plan.Net is the ideal partner for us in terms of the product development, brand concept and marketing," says Michaela Meindertsma, Founder and Managing Director of Butterfly Coach. "Creativity and technical expertise come together at Plan.Net. To that we add a highly agile way of working – that's what impressed us about the pitch, and we haven't gone on to regret our decision during the implementation phase, either."


In addition to the Plan.Net Campaign, the Plan.Net Innovation Studio was involved in the product development, Plan.Net Media in the media planning, Plan.Net NEO in the social media strategy and influencer marketing, and Neverest in producing the exercise videos for the project.

"Butterfly Coach is enabling us to set new standards in the fitness market, particularly in the virtual personal trainer segment," says Markus Maczey, Chief Creative Officer for the Plan.Net Group and Director of the Plan.Net Campaign. "We are particularly proud that for the first time, this project is allowing us to cover the entire process, from product development and brand concept to communication strategy, in a holistic way." 

About Butterfly Coach

Butterfly Coach is a personal trainer app that focuses not only on the body, but takes a holistic approach: if you want to be healthy, you need to pay attention to your body, mind and soul – 24 hours a day, ideally with your own trainer who is always on call. As no one could possibly perform that role, it has now been created in digital form, as a chatbot in the Butterfly Coach app.

The people behind Butterfly Coach are Michaela-Johanne Meindertsma und Philipp Voß, who founded Butterfly Coach together in 2017. Philipp is a freelance personal coach and takes care of everything to do with training and nutrition. Michaela works in project management and handles all of the business development and associated challenges that arise for the fitness app. For more information, see


About the Plan.Net Group


Founded in 1997 as a Serviceplan subsidiary, Plan.Net Group is currently the leading digital agency in Germany. It is also one of the largest independent digital agencies in Europe, with more than 25 locations around the world – including Milan, Paris, Vienna, Seoul and Zurich, in addition to Munich, Cologne, Hamburg and Bremen. Plan.Net is the leading partner for success and future viability in the digital age – with competitive teams of specialists in all relevant areas: from consulting, business intelligence and marketing automation, the design and implementation of digital platforms, products and integrated marketing campaigns and content marketing solutions, to media planning and purchasing, as well as the Connected Commerce area of competence.

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