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BMW AG: 3D Operating Instructions


Understanding every feature of a BMW in detail - the product world comes alive with an appealing 3D animation film. Serviceplan Solutions creates high quality 3D operating instructions for BMW AG, which are available in the vehicles or online. At the centre of the films is the true-to-life illustration of specific vehicle features - explained graphically for BMW customers.

2D material was converted into 3D material in the process and we have also improved all of the storyboards as well as the look and feel. Using the 3D system that we have developed in house for serial production, we will be creating a high degree of flexibility for our clients in future: different brands and vehicle models can be substituted and existing films adapted for international markets. For example, signage, road markings and registration plates can be changed just as easily as typical architecture and vegetation for each country - efficiently in terms of time and cost.

We are setting benchmarks for the BMW, MINI, BMW i and Rolls Royce brands. Highly efficient workflows make it possible to react rapidly to changing requirements. And also to complete high volumes in short spaces of time.


  • More than 100 films for BMW AG
  • Modern and lifelike look and feel
  • Efficient workflows and series production




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Team Business Development

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