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Allianz: Digital Signage


If something moves, it draws attention to itself: Serviceplan Solutions is bringing the shop windows of Allianz agencies to life across Germany using digital signage.

We are putting the range of products in the limelight dynamically with moving images in the process. Allianz agencies can react to current events such as floods with relevant products, highlight seasonal issues or adapt the content flexibly to attention spans of the customers - which vary according to the time of day. Specific topics for individual agencies can also be shown. We play the centrally managed contents on high format screens in the shop windows. With one click.

The sympathetic and emotional moving presentations have been proven to receive up to 75 percent more attention from passers-by according to our initial study using integrated movement tracking. Using digital signage we are supplementing printed material in an intelligent way in the digital era and increasing customer frequency in Allianz agencies.

Serviceplan Solutions looks after digital shop windows – from the marketing strategy to film production and service technicians – and thus generates the meaningful link to the digital world for Allianz and other clients.


  • General increase in awareness: plus 126 percent
  • Awareness of the Allianz agencies: plus 43 percent
  • Increase in awareness as compared to posters: plus 20 percent




Serviceplan Solutions

Team Business Development

Team Business Development

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